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VIACRYPT, A GARDEN-VARIETY SAMPLE The main hallmark of this strain is the. SMALL TWEAK OF THE N1N1N1 STRAIN The changes include a new filemarker (333333333333) and a different Tor address of the decryption service. BRAND NEW SCREEN LOCKER FOUND Researchers stumble upon a fresh in-development screen locker whose binary is named ‘PoetralesanA Virus Maker. NEW SPAM CAMPAIGN SPREADING BUGWARE A WhatsApp malspam wave is spotted that disseminates the payload for Bugware strain using the. Naomi og Anders Dør der lidt for mange pÃ¥ plejehjemmet, hvor Naomi er sygehjælper. NEW JIGSAW EDITION, NEW EXTENSION A spinoff of the Jigsaw ransomware surfaces that stains enciphered files with the weekend bitcoin apk. NEWSMAKING ARREST OVER RANSOMWARE Australian authorities apprehend a 75-year-old man for setting up rogue tech support companies involved in ransomware schemes. HIGH-PROFILE PROPAGATION OF WNCRY STRAIN The. hta being embedded in the code of several official Android apps. locked suffix to files and creates README. CRYSIS/DHARMA RANSOMWARE UPDATED The latest discovered variant of the CrySiS/Dharma ransomware lineage switches to using the. ZILLA RANSOMWARE UPDATE Brand new version of the Zilla Trojan concatenates the. The warning screen is titled “Sem Solução”, which is the Portuguese for “Hopeless” weekend bitcoin apk. RANSOMWARE TARGETING MONGODB DATABASES The strain zeroes in on MongoDB servers. ULTIMO STRAIN IS UNDERWAY Ultimo is yet another Hidden Tear PoC derivative at large.

ORDINAL, ONE MORE HIDDEN TEAR OFFSHOOT New HT based Ordinal ransomware uses the. CODE Displays a warning screen titled “Information Security” and concatenates the. THAT’S RIGHT A previously released Hidden Tear variant (. WANACRY4 RANSOMWARE DISCOVERED WanaCry4 is in fact a modified version of CryptoWire. HT SPINOFF DUBBED KRIPTO Security researchers come across a new Hidden Tear derivative called Dikkat (Eng. FAMOUS RANSOMWARE FIGHTER TO BE AWARDED The FBI is going to give the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award to Michael Gillespie (@demonslay335) for his anti-ransomware work. KOPORUSHKIN VIRUS DISCOVERED Named after a TXT file it creates, the D. 3 This is one more Hidden Tear spinoff in the wild. R3K7M9 extension to label encrypted files. VENUSLOCKER CREW CHANGES TACTICS The threat actors behind VenusLocker ransomware have reportedly abandoned the project in favor of Monero mining activities. No other noteworthy changes have been made. cz” extension added by a new strain are confusing. LOW-LEVEL WANADIE RANSOMWARE It’s based on buggy open-source ransomware code. MOTD RANSOMWARE SPOTTED CRYPTODEVIL SAMPLE IN DEVELOPMENT Currently scrambles data only in sub-directories of a folder hosting its executable. Mord efter mord Fire grusomme mord er sket.

BTCWARE UPDATE HT VARIANT CALLED UNIKEY Not much to say about this sample except that it’s a derivative of the academic Hidden Tear ransomware. SKULLLOCKER IS RIDICULOUSLY EASY TO BYPASS New screen locking virus called SkullLocker can be closed down via Alt+F4 combo. According to the GUI, it’s Cyclone Ransomware v2.QASH.
. THE ECCENTRIC KIRK RANSOMWARE Uses Star Trek themed warnings and Monero payment system. encrypted extension) employs a codebase that researchers predict may be used to coin malicious derivatives. MINDLOST RANSOMWARE HARVESTS SENSITIVE DATA The new strain called MindLost instructs victims to provide their credit card information and pay $200 ransom for data decryption. EnCrYpTeD extension and creates READ_ME_TO_DECRYPT. NEW JIGSAW VERSION RELEASED The newcomer to the Jigsaw syndicate affixes the. Iben er politibetjent, ung, smuk og lyshÃ¥ret. NEW POLISH SCREEN LOCKER IN THE WILD Generates animated lock screen featuring a dancing person. NULL RANSOMWARE SPOTTED Goes with a GUI, claims to use AES-256 encryption algorithm and concatenates the. NEW EXTENSION ADDED TO PSCRYPT’S ARSENAL PSCrypt ransomware switches to using the. .Kyber Network.Ardor.

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